AmPP is The APP Company’s official app marketing division dedicated specifically to making apps shine in the app store.

Think of the app store as a giant whirlpool with thousands of apps entering the whirlpool each day. Each app is represented by a tiny app icon that signifies exactly what that app represents. Upon release, apps are thrown onto the outskirts of the whirlpool and are slowly pulled to the center with each passing day. Before long, that app is sucked to the bottom of the whirlpool and into the depths of the app store, joining millions of other apps who will go undiscovered. What a good app needs is a good floatation device to stay above the whirlpool and in the public eye, and that’s where AmPP comes into play.

AmPP is a marketing service provided by The APP Company that will bring attention to each app we publish or represent. The service covers all aspects of public relations including gathering the attention of popular mobile app review websites, formulating and shipping out custom designed press releases to an extensive list of industry contacts, and creating a distributing social media relevant to the app we are marketing.
AmPP campaigns are usually run between two parties: A) Each client will be assigned an app producer who will manage social networks, assist in the regulation of content, distribute social media, and network with developers and B) The Developers who do their job by producing great apps, working with the producer(s) all the while asking questions and getting answers.

The AmPP app producer is best known for their job in assisting developers. One major publication provided by producer to developer is The APP Company’s Producer’s Report. This 10-15 page report is custom designed for each app. After playing your game, or investigating your app, your producer will write up a complex report based completely around it. The report will cover new user experience, fixes, additions, monetization and marketing options. The producer’s report will serve as a guide between the TAC producer and your company’s developer.

AmPP Producer Report

Other responsiblities of the TAC producer include the development of a sneak-peak report. A sneak-peak report will be developed prior to a game’s release. This could be a tool used to gather attention from app review sites and five them access to never-before-seen content. In addition, the producer also generates press releases. The TAC editor and producer will publish two to three major press releases that will be distributed among TAC’s contact list. Press releases will also be developed for game updates and additional features. Articles featuring your title will be written which can then be published on different app-related websites.

We take the time to reach your audience so that you don’t have to. On top of that, we communicate with them by contacting them daily- especially as an app, or an update, comes closer to release. We do this by creating, managing and updating your social networks, we keep fans involved and in-the-know about what to expect from your app. Platforms that The APP Company currently manages include: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and more. In order to maintain customer satisfaction, we manage all incoming emails post-press-release and post-game-release. This means that if there’s a dissatisfied customer, or one with a question/concern- we are there to answer them. This gives you more time to improve your game. Finally, AmPP focuses a lot on building relationships. Building relationships between app reviewer and game developers is an important task. App reviewers are more likely to review a secondary title from an app developer they really like. We help to build that relationship.
Yes. By using our compiled media, we will develop interesting screenshots and splash images to use as screenshots on the App Store. The APP Company also understands the importance of optimization for numerous languages in order to give the app the widest release possible. We want to include every demographic. The App Company also offers regular patch/update notes in order to keep our audience informed and satisfied with the app’s progress.
As an app approaches release, AmPP insists on posting across all social networks to get the most out of our pre-built audience. Grasping a wider audience comes from press releases directed toward TAC contacts, and alerting reviewers that the full build is ready and that they can post a review of the app on their website whenever they are ready. Finally, TAC also moderates and assits in building a friendly set of reviews visible on the apps page on the App Store.
Yes, we have engaged in numerous promotions and contest in the past for multiple apps. One service we utilize allows us to run iPad Mini contests to get incentivized downloads for your app. We also run caption contest and other giveaways to keep our community entertained. One contest we ran even gave a special winner a lunch with a professional N.B.A. player. This contest accumulated over 10,000 entries and contributed to over 25,000 app downloads upon launch. There are numerous routes that can be taken to give your app or game the most promotion through contests.
Other than Wishpond, AmPP takes full advantage of all AmPP promotion services offered today. We have accounts in TapJoy, AdMob, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Chartboost. Another service that we will use when necessary is provided by Steel Media. This service is called Free-App-A-Day through which your app may be featured as a daily free app to a network of over a million app users. This is a great service for gathering quick promotion through mass downloads. This is a great way to reinvigorate an audience.
The APP Company does this through a few methods. First, AmPP uses AppFigures, a tool that allows users to track success with real, optimized, data. Stay updated on your apps success with your producer’s help! Find our more than you could alone, have a producer figure out the best repositioning strategies by looking at real statistics. AmPP also uses App Annie. Weekly App Annie reports give a simple, realistic view of how your app is performing among others. Get a report on where your app was featured and what rank it was placed. Track data to see what promotional events triggered the best consumer behavior. It is important to stress AmPP’s focus on upkeep when discussing success. We don’t stop keeping your social media updated, your social websites buzzing, and your audience satisfied. A satisfied audience is one that can be transferred to your next title. If you plan on releasing another game, we make sure your fans are always ready to convert over to it. There are always new promotional opportunities for your app, we never stop looking for new and innovative ways to give your app more exposure!

“Jason and Scot really know their stuff. I could not be happier with how the Apps came out.”
Buzz Aldrin, Rocketman

“The APP Company was great to work with!”
Hope Dworaczyk, Playboy Playmate of the Year


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